Friday, October 26, 2007

A True Sports Fan

Whether it's our school's Mission Bulldogs, or the Montana Grizzlies, Lanie is a die-hard fan. Sometimes I wonder where she came from because although David and I enjoy sports, we are by no means the fanatic our lovely daughter is...

Future Bulldog Homecoming Queen and Volleyball player!

She was so excited about her Grizzly Shirt and of course had to wear it to watch the game

"I love my Monte Grizzly Bear!!!!"

Jack on the other hand has slept his way through most games!!!


First Food--Rice Cereal
Now he has graduated to oatmeal, carrots, and plums, and pears.


Ok-I'm not sure what I did differently, but I finally got my camera working!

I love my brother, sometimes a little too much...

Monday, October 22, 2007

No New Pictures...

I have honestly been trying to update this site, but I cannot get my camera to upload my pictures. So I guess I'll just have to tell you how things are going...Fall has definitely hit full force. I know because it's freezing and because David has been hunting obsessed for the last month. There is currently a dead deer hanging in our garage as proof. I'll have to admit I dread the day he wants to take our kids hunting. It scares the heck out of me!! Both kids are doing well. Jack is growing at phenomenal speeds. He has to be close to 20 pounds by now. He is still as lovable as ever, although he had quite the crying jag last night, which is very unusual. He got his first tooth this month and looks quite adorable. He is even starting to get some hair. I think he'll be much quicker than his sister in that department. To my surprise, he hasn't started crawling yet, but I think that will happen any day now. Lanie is also doing great. She loves "her boy" and is great at playing with him and entertaining him when he's upset (as long as there aren't more important things like Dora going on!) She is still refusing to even look at her potty, but I'm hoping she'll get back into it soon. She is busy learning all kids of things. Her counting is improving by the day and she now knows quite a few of her shapes. She also knows all of her colors and recognizes several letters(she's been able to do both of these for awhile) She still loves books and notices every single detail. She is somewhat obsessed with her Richard Scary books and will not go to bed without them. So that's the latest on the Keast family. Hopefully I'll figure the picture thing out soon