Thursday, May 17, 2007

Time Flies...
I can't believe that Jack has already been home from the hospital for three weeks! I'd like to say I don't know where the last few weeks have gone, but I know the answer to that question. They've flown by in a sea of dirty diapers, feedings, and exhaustion. Yet, it has also been a marvelous and amazing time. Our family is now complete and we couldn't be happier despite the long nights and lack of sleep.
Lanie celebrates her
2nd birthday today, talk about time flying! She was lucky to have her grammie here for her birthday party this year. We shared her"happy" with papa at Aunt Suzie's house and Lanie loved being sung to and opening presents--a typical 2 year old.
I also went back to work part-time this week which was extremely difficult. I don't think Jack minds much, but Lanie had definitely gotten used to mama being home. I'm not sure who wants to cry more when I leave in the mornings-- me or her?!?! The only good part is I'm home at noon. I could get used to schedule!

Sunday, May 06, 2007