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Beautiful Dress

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Lots of Company!

Everyday I tell myself I am going to update our site, and everyday I go to bed without doing so. There are not enough hours in the day...
The last month has been wonderful. Lanie has enjoyed the company of most of my family over the last several weeks. On the 5th of July we drove to Spokane and met my dad, Anthony, and Kenneth. Lanie finally got to be held by her grandpa, who was sick when she was born, and we all visited for some time before heading back home with Kenneth. Lanie's uncle Ken was able to spend 3 full weeks with us and we enjoyed every single minute of it. We were busy the entire time. We visited Glacier, went to a baseball game, and attended a number of bar-b-ques. Kenneth has grown into a terrific young man and we hated to see him go.
When we met dad to drop off Kenneth, Jennifer was able to come back with us to spend a few days. Lanie was very fascinated with her aunt who gave her tons of attention and is spoiling her already! When I said we had tons of company, I wasn't kidding. The same day Jen came home with us, Erin and Andrew also came to visit. They were only able to stay two nights, but we look forward to them returning at the end of the month.
The weekend of the 7th saw even more company for Lanie's baptism. Her grandma Peggy and grandpa Randy, and her great grandma and grandpa all came to see her, as well as her uncle Ken who had only been gone a few days. We were so happy to see everyone, but only wish they could have stayed longer. Lanie's christening was a beautiful event, taking place at the Methodist Church in Charlo. Following the baptism, we all gathered with David's parents, sister Suzie and family, and the Hunts at Ninepipe's for a nice luncheon. Again we enjoyed the time, but as always it was too short and we were sorry to see everyone go; the house seems almost empty with just the three of us.
Well this is a quick summary of how things have been going. I promise to write again soon detailing all of Lanie's changes and accomplishments. It seems she changes from day to day.

Lanie and Uncle Ken

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Visit with Aunt Erin and Aunt Jenn

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