Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Such a sweet, beautiful girl

Lanie has been so wonderful lately that I thought she deserved a post just about her. It seems at the end of nearly every day David or I stop and one of us says "she was so good today." It doesn't matter how crazy the day or how annoying her little brother might have been, Lanie takes it all in stride. She plays so independently now, but also plays wonderfully with Jack. She helps out all the time and loves being a part of whatever David and I are working on. Just last night, I was taking down wallpaper, to start yet another project, and she decided she wanted to help. She quietly stood alongside me and picked off paper while emptying our garbage bag whenever it filled. Not only that, she continued on long after I had grown bored and told me she would finish it before school today. Like any big sister she gets aggravated by her slightly annoying little brother, but she is always there to help him and "teach" him things. I don't know how to explain in words how sweet and encouraging she can be to him. Now that she is getting older I am enjoying even more our "Mommy time". Sometimes we go upstairs and work on scrapbooks, stickers, beads, and other crafts. Other times she comes with me to kick boxing or we just sit and read or color. Those are the moments I will always remember. I love you sister. You will always be our baby girl!